Adam Sarhan: Our Founder & CEO

Adam Sarhan is the founder and CEO of Sarhan Capital, a boutique investment and advisory firm. Sarhan Capital strives to provide intelligent ideas that generate strong returns for its clients in all market environments. The firm offers three main services: Asset Management (, Institutional Advisory ( and Independent Research (, which are rooted in an objective analysis of global capital markets and US equities. The firm’s best year was 2008 which propelled Sarhan Capital ahead of its peers. Adam holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in political science. He is frequently quoted in CNBC, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and other popular media outlets.


    • Sarhan Capital, Founder & CEO (2004-Present)
    • Founded Sophic Associates, LLC in 2012
    • Self-taught student of the market. Makes his living trading capital markets.
    • Built an extensive library of market-based research since 2004
    • Authored a weekly long/short global macro research note from 2004-2012
    • Authored a daily stock market commentary since 2004
    • His flagship research note, The Sarhan Analysis, was published from 2004-2012 and enjoyed an average annual return of +19%
    • Contributing writer at for 7 years
    • Completed Bill O’Neil’s CAN SLIM(R) Master’s program in 2007
    • Developed the D.A.M.P.(R) investment system
    • Founded which helps investors find leading stocks.
    • Over 15 years experience investing and trading in capital markets
    • Frequently quoted in the media
    • Public speaker
    • BA & MA in Political Science (2002 & 2005)

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