Market Research

Results Matter:

The backbone of Sarhan Capital is its solid, fact-based, and objective research. We know that in order for us to compete effectively in our business we need to gather and analyze the facts, filter out the noise, and focus on what matters most: price action better than our competition.

Excellent Research Allows You To Compete Effectively:

In today’s global inter-dependent world, in order to compete effectively you need access to solid ideas/research. That is why there is a tremendous emphasis placed on our research and the development/incubation (and subsequent “testing”) of our ideas. We gather the facts, filter our the noise, remain humble, and listen to what the markets are saying each week- before making a buy or sell decision. This process has helped us achieve superior risk adjusted returns and thrive in otherwise difficult markets- we have enjoyed solid gains and easily outperformed all major benchmarks since our inception in October 2004. We know that the best way we can compete effectively with our peers is to apply the information better than they do.

Benefit From Our Research:

Stock Market Research-

  • Weekly report of leading stocks
  • Save Time! We screen over 7,500 stocks each week and only present you with the best candidates
  • One of the best way to get better results in the stock market is to own leading stocks…Subscribe Now

Options Research-

    • Weekly options on market indexes, leading stocks, and ETF’s
    • Tactical long and short trading ideas
    • Generate income, limit your risk, and expand your approach by trading very liquid options Subscribe Now

Global Macro Research-

    • Our Weekly Global Macro Missive Combines fundamental & technical analysis with a psychological overlay
    • Markets: Stock Indices, Bonds, Currencies & Commodities – Join Here

Customized Research- Tailored just for you

            • For those of you who want tailored research that meets your specific criteria please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to help… Request A Quote

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