An Evening With The Kennedys

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time: 8pm EST

Place: 92y- New York City

EventA Special Celebration of the Life of Senator Edward M. Kennedy with Vicki Reggie Kennedy and Ted Kennedy Jr.

Katie Couric spent nearly ninety minutes interviewing Vicki Kennedy and son Ted Kennedy Jr. in what appeared to be a sold out auditorium. Vicki and Ted Jr. spoke about the late Senator and reflected on his personal as well as public life and legacy. Sen Kennedy represented Massachusetts in the United States Senate for forty-seven years, and has been called the greatest and most influential senator in history. In 2004 he began interviews at the Miller Center of the University of Virginia for an oral history project about his life. Drawing from fifty years of contemporaneous notes from his personal diaries, he wrote his best-selling memoir, True Compass, a New York Times bestseller.

Few Important Lessons:

The entire evening was wonderful. Edward Kennedy was a man who lived life to the fullest. He was an eternal optimist and was very spiritual in nature (something he kept private). The Senator understood the value and importance of patience and family. One of his greatest strengths was his ability to make it through good times and bad. Being honest, having a great sense of humor and staying focused at the task at hand were some of the values he taught his children. These lessons are timeless and will likely be passed on for generations to come.

Ted Kennedy Jr. remembering his father:

‘Dream Shall Never Die’ Says Kennedy Jr.

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