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Unleashing the New Bull Market in Commodities

Bloomberg TV:
Oil and Commodities: Breaking Out or Breaking Down?


Wall Street Sell Off Continues…Now What?

U.S. Investors Shrugging Off China News?



How To Buy The Dip & Apple Is An Undervalued Growth Stock

April 01, 2015 – Sarhan Capital CEO Adam Sarhan on where the opportunities are for investors.





Central Bank Put Is Alive and Well,

Fundamentally Companies Are Stronger

Published on Mar 2, 2015

All the major indices are in the green and approaching new all-time highs in 2015. Adam Sarhan, CEO of Sarhan Capital, tells TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino he is still a buyer in the market, even at these levels. Sarhan would buy on any dips as the Central Bank Put is alive and well, but there are also plenty of fundamental reasons to find value. Sarhan says sectors to watch include, housing, tech, social media and the financials. Specifically he likes Apple, Google, Meritage Homes, Lennar, Bank of America, Linkedin, Facebook and Blackstone. Market composure and stocks moving the needle did not even exist a decade ago and that is why looking at valuations and what is driving profits is key.




Apple’s stock is in the ‘sweet spot’: Sarhan

Apple is set to release earnings after the bell on Tuesday. Here is what investors are expecting.


Maria Bartiromo, “Adam Made The Best Point”



Adam Sarhan On CBS This Morning

CBS This Morning Recent price hikes in coffee, milk, eggs, and other food… (Requires Flash):


Adam Sarhan Danish Documentary 2014

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Adam Sarhan on CNBC’s Closing Bell 07.02.12:
Housing Recovery Or Relapse (Requires Flash)


Adam Sarhan on CNBC’s Closing Bell 05.21.12
Facebook Saga & Spain’s Troubled Banks (Requires Flash)

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