Sarhan Capital Helps Investors Boost Profits Regardless of Portfolio Size

Capital Markets Expert Adam Sarhan Rebrands Firm to Encompass Comprehensive Suite of Services For All Investors

NEW YORK – November 30, 2009 – Capital markets expert Adam Sarhan has rebranded his independent investment firm Sarhan Capital to help retail and institutional investors navigate capital markets. Providing a full suite of services and tools including The Sarhan AnalysisTrend ScreenerSarhan ConsultingAS Analysis and Sarhan’s Asset Management services, Sarhan Capital is the one-stop solution for strengthening your portfolio in all market conditions. Combining fundamental and technical analysis along with stringent risk management principles, Sarhan doubled his $1 million model portfolio during the first four years, enjoyed a +55% increase in 2008 and continues to enjoy great success in both bull and bear markets.

In the wake of the credit crisis, investors are clamoring for heightened risk management, due diligence and transparency. As markets rebound and the world emerges from a deep recession, even the savviest investors are seeking the most efficient and reliable tools to position themselves for future growth. Sarhan Capital offers solutions that are proven to thrive regardless of the underlying market conditions. As of November 2009, a $1 million model portfolio, created in October 2004 along with the launch of The Sarhan Analysis, boasts a +230% return on investment since inception, compared with a negative -9.90% return over the five-year period for the S&P 500.

The performance occurred during both bull and bear markets in each of the asset classes I cover. There was a bull market in stocks, the euro, energy, gold and grains in 2004-2007. Then each of these markets fell into a massive bear market. I made money in both directions,” says Adam Sarhan of his model portfolio.

Sarhan’s analysis is focused on global macro and equity-only strategies. Global macro, which bases its holdings, such as long and short positions in various equity, fixed income, currency and futures markets, primarily on macroeconomic principles, thrives in both bull and bear markets.  As fears of a double-dip recession recede, fund managers are investing more into equities with a renewed appetite for risk, according to an October survey by BofA Merrill Lynch.

“We have an uncanny ability to avoid the egotistical temptation of being right,” says Sarhan, founder and chief executive of Sarhan Capital. “Instead we respect the markets by calculating our risk via predetermined risk levels before initiating a position. This exact technique also allows us to perform consistently in both up and down markets.”

•      Sarhan Consulting provides global macro and equity-only consulting services to institutional clients across the globe. Prices are available upon request.

Sarhan stayed calm when others panicked and made me money by remaining disciplined and following his trading rules. I was up double digits in 2008 largely thanks to his input!” says Joe Tates, CEO Tates Family Office based in NJ.

•        Sarhan Asset Management ServicesSarhan Capital’s asset management division provides two basic managed accounts: global macro or equity only accounts. Clients work directly with some of the most proficient full-time portfolio managers and traders from our live trading desk.  The cost structure is flexible and varies depending on the request.

•         The Sarhan AnalysisThe Sarhan Analysis is a succinct weekly global macro missive that objectively analyzes market conditions as they develop. The primary objective of the Sarhan Analysis is to provide members with sound trading ideas on an intermediate term time frame. We are not trying to pick tops or bottoms; instead we are trying to capture the “bulk” of a move by identifying trends as early as possible across multiple asset classes.

•         Trend Scanner is a weekly stock market report available to all investors (Contact us for pricing.). Once leading sector themes are identified, the list is whittled down to the strongest individual equities and strongest industry groups which are presented in a clear, concise table.

•         AS Analysis provides a sector or stock specific report which combines customized fundamental and technical analysis designed to complement any trading strategy or investment approach. Prices vary based on the request.

About Adam Sarhan

Adam Sarhan founded Sarhan Capital in 2004 and serves as Chairman and CEO. He is a registered representative and vice president of investments with Source Capital Group (member FINRA, SIPC).  A highly regarded capital markets expert, Sarhan is frequently quoted by Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC and other major media. Sarhan completed the CAN SLIM® masters program offered by Investors Business Daily. He is the author of The Sarhan Analysis and Trend Screener, which are the driving engine of the firm’s investment process. He is also a contributing author to, a highly focused equity investment resource.