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What is it?

Trend Screener is a weekly guide that covers the US stock market, leading sectors, and leading stocks. Each section helps our clients focus on what important events are occurring at any given time. Our weekly analysis does not aim to predict market action; instead it interprets what is currently happening. Trend Screener looks to identify, as early as possible, where capital will flow at any given moment and capture intermediate term trends as they develop in real-time.

How it helps:

Our research is designed to filter out the noise and focus on what matters most: market action. Ideas are derived from Sarhan’s database of advanced fact-based strategies, which combine stringent fundamental and technical criteria to select strong candidates. Once identified, our clients use this data to focus their attention on the market’s strongest leaders.

How to get it:

Trend Screener is offered in monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. Visit our store to get started.