5 Important Market Correlations: SP500, Euro, Gold, Crude Oil, & XLF

The following was from my twitter feed (to get live access, simply follow @adamsarhan) on 12.29.2011
  • One of the strongest correlations remains: S&P500/ $XLF (financials ETF) = +97.5%!
Adam Sarhan@adamsarhan 

  • Another very strong correlation is SP500/Crude Oil= +95.2%!
  • However: Euro/Gold correlation remains very strong at nearly +90%
Adam Sarhan@adamsarhan

  • SP 500/Gold correlation has fallen to only +8.3% (out of 100%)
  • The SP 500/Euro correlation has fallen off a cliff over past few weeks. It’s only +26.6% = 
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