Greenspan’s Thinking- Economy Has Hit An Invisible Wall

Airtime: Thurs. Jul. 1 2010 | 7:15 AM ET

Insight on the economy, the bond market and more, with Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman.

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  1. Francis Hunt
    Francis Hunt says:

    LOL… MR Greenspan AKA Mr Liquidity ( Problem.. Hey I’ll drop Rates to new Lows, dont take the pain) putting it down to left field extreme Unpredictable events…Lehmans

    Absolute Nonsense, its 100% certain that every time you just use cheap money at every threat, reducing capital cost to net negative, That there is very little cost to Capital more people will start gambling with it and Assets will inflate.. You did it Alan how do these guys give you any credibility, The US treated him as a Guru and still treat ‘Mr Taps on’ with respect, he is a clown.. he created the excessive debt and Bubble culture.

  2. Francis Hunt
    Francis Hunt says:

    Talked ‘Irrational Exhuberance’ , and quietly turned Taps on.

    Worst Chair ever Volker before him was more responsible, but has unsaveable mess.

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