Our Investment System: D.A.M.P.

Our investment ideology achieves alpha using a series of simple core beliefs; play defense first, enter right, follow market trends, and focus on important psychological aspects that drive successful traders and markets each week. This mantra has successfully identified trends and locked in profits in both bull and bear markets since our inception in 2004.  Picking the top or bottom of any market or stock seldom yields success, therefore we focus on intermediate term trends to identify and capture the bulk of any move.  Learn More

  • Defense First – We believe the primary reason why so many people consistently lose money in the marketplace is because their investment approach is inherently flawed. Most people focus on trying to pick winners, and ignore how to play strong defense. To avoid this common mistake, we play defense first and essentially win by not losing. Before any position is entered a predetermined dollar risk stop is set from entry to exit.  We always know exactly how much of our portfolio is at risk at anytime.  There is no reliance on modeling of risk through VaR or correlation analysis.  This helps to mitigate downside surprises and maximize profits.
  • Advanced Buy & Sell Signals – Markets are counter intuitive in nature and the crowd is usually wrong. That is why our investment system looks to buy and sell before the trend becomes obvious and overcrowded.
  • Market Conditions – One of the oldest sayings on Wall Street is, “The Trend is Your Friend.”  We strongly believe in this simple, yet often overlooked adage. That’s why, in the simplest form, our investment system is designed to go long in bull markets and short in bear markets.
  • Psychology – We believe capital manifests itself in both physical and mental states; therefore we strive to protect and enhance both for our clients.